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New festival confirmation: On Fri 8th August, Ed will be performing a special set in a church at the Haldern Pop Festival in Germany.

"Everything in the tiny studio vibrates from the low rumble, and a wooden miniature skeleton clinks gently above my head."

Good day friends,

Although I do not see many of you in the flesh (the many years in my laboratory hideout seem to have taken their toll) I believe I may be rolling out the barrel once more and delivering random acts of wanton tunesmithery to all of you fine people.

First, I would like to start with my new single ’ In My Time Of Dust’, which came out on Monday (available worldwide via iTunes) coupled with ‘Sweet Malaise’ featuring the transcendent voice of Ren Harvieu. I’ve been working with Ren for about a year, on and off, writing her next record and the results are so exciting. She’s an unbelievable singer and writer & I think you’ll all going to be blown away by what you hear. I wrote ‘Sweet Malaise’ with her voice in mind, she literally sang it in 5 minutes and that was that.

I’ve been all over the place this year, I may have seen you when I was on tour with Sophie Ellis-Bextor in the UK, it’s been such a nice surprise with the success of this record (which I produced) and we’re still gearing up for multitude of festivals too. When we we played Brighton we were told that the record went silver which was nice….that’s 60,000 sales and counting!

After the tour with Sophie, I flew to Shanghai and performed for Burberry which was a whirlwind pit-stop of rehearsals, dress rehearsals, camera rehearsals, dancer rehearsals, all in a huge set depicting London in a shipyard in the Pudong district. Having seen the old town of Shanghai and drunk tea, espied the pearls and silk, post-performance myself and pretty much everyone involved descended on a bar called ‘Arcade’ and I drank Absinthe that had wormwood and a dead stag beetle in it. Not recommended. It was seriously disgusting. What was also quite strange for me was going to the Fairmont Peace Hotel which is still very 1930’s and art deco in it’s design and imagining my grandfather (on my father’s side who I never really knew) who lived in Shanghai in the 30’s, walking around the lobby with a martini in his hand and regaling some tall tale.

What else? I played a bit of piano on the new Lana Del Rey album (I think it’s only a bonus track though called Black Beauty) played on a Luke Sital Singh song, am in talks with the brilliant Kathryn Williams about making a record with her, have had my two remixes of The Anchoress & Fiona Bevan played on the radio.

Next week, I’m playing a private show in London for the opening a new Ralph Steadman exhibition at White Space, then on the Sunday 1st performing with the Strypes, Sophie, Kathryn, Gregory Porter, Maverick Sabre and Chris Difford amongst others for the Elton John Aids Foundation, it’ll be at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre. I’ve got a few festivals coming up, one at the Curious Arts Festival in Hampshire on the 19th July and on August 7th I’ll be at Haldern Pop in Germany. Also I’m playing with Suede in an english forest on the 13th June - that’ll be just me. I really want to get my band back together and start playing you the new songs!

After all of this, I’m going to start pre-production on my next record with the lupine Overlord that is the producer ‘Flood’. I’m about 20 songs in now. I feel good about it but it’s a pretty dark one this one. It’s pretty epic in places and there’s quite a few’ rock’ moments. There’s also some seriously swampy, sweaty tracks and some sadcore mumblecore normcore tracks. Then again Flood may put all of this into his demonic blender and it’ll come out completely different. All I know is I’m really excited that it might actually get made after working on it for about 4 years, amidst other welcome distractions ducking and diving in and out of my life.

Right, I’m leaving for Ibiza in about 4 hours for the betrothal of my brother in arms Dimitri, my compatriot in the unholy land that is ‘Wild Boar’.
Good day and thanks for reading.

Ed was in session and in conversation on the BBC this week. Catch up now on iPlayer.

With Tom Robinson on 6Music, includes a piano version of ‘The Saddest Orchestra (It Only Plays for You)’, his remix of The Anchoress and new song ‘Can’t Stop The Rain’ live in Shanghai

With Jo Whiley on Radio2, includes Ed discussing working with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, his forthcoming album, three songs he loves and a special live session including a version of ‘Shanghai’

On Friday 13th June Ed will perform with the rejuvenated Brit-pop legends in Thetford Forest in Suffolk (UK).

Ed says:

Hey everyone. Here’s a piece called ‘You Can’t Stop The Rain’ that I wrote for the Burberry show in Shanghai. It was completely insane, the air was like breathing sandpaper, the most brutal jetlag ever but the set design, the choreography, the imitable Gary Powell (Libertines) on percussion, the strings, the dancers - such a wonderful & crazy thing to be involved in. Hope you enjoy it. EH
See the full performance featuring ‘Wandering Eye’ (from Back Into the Woods), plus George Ezra and Paloma Faith over on the Burberry website.

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